Cannes – an elegant town on the French Riviera

Cannes is famous for its film festival and for luxury shopping.

It was always the favourite place for wealthy Parisians.

Cannes is well known as a luxurious resort, and has all the necessary amenities: magnificent spa hotels, expensive boutiques, exquisite restaurants, sand beaches with excellent services and a busy social life. To buy a property here is more expensive than in Nice.

About the city

Cannes – an elegant town on the French Riviera


The most expensive area in Cannes is the Croisette for  apartments and “super Cannes” for villas.
Comparing it with the Promenade des Anglais in Nice, the Croisette is rather peaceful and pleasant to live in.

We can also recommend such residential areas of Cannes as Californie, Monfleurie or  Oxford.

For local people, Nice and Cannes sound rather like rivals. People living in Cannes are not very fond of Nice, and the same is true the other way round. Lovers of Cannes like the sandy beaches and consider the city more luxurious and more secure.

Lovers of Nice believe  the capital of the French Riviera a more dynamic and active place to live all year round.