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Looking for a real estate agent   on the Côte d'Azur


This article is for those property buyers who believe in the importance of working with the right person, when buying a property in France.

We are talking here about the quality of communication , the reliability, competence and responsiveness of the real estate agent.

Buyers may adopt different approaches in their property search in France.

Some buyers ask for a recommendation, other ones are looking for well-known real-estate brand, but most people are just looking on the internet for the property they like.

After spending hours on the internet, buyers tend to get a feeling for the market, the prices and the real estate agencies offering listings of the most beautiful properties.


Home-hunter or home-finder?

Generally speaking there are 2 types of real estate agent in France:

A traditional real estate agent (I call them a ‘home-finder’) finds property to evaluate and puts it on the market. This agent represents the seller on the market and concentrates his efforts on the sale.

The ‘Home hunter’, however, mostly specializes in working with foreign buyers and focuses his energy on the buyer, his real estate project and doing personalised research for him.

However, the most talented and experienced real estate agents can play both roles.


To work with one or several agencies?

First of all you need to understand that a professional real estate agent on the Côte d'Azur will be able to arrange viewings of all the options that are currently on the market and advertised by different agencies.

It’s quite usual to collaborate and share agency fees in the interest of the buyer, and for his comfort.

So you can work with one real estate agent in France and cover the whole market. The agency fees are the same for the buyer: this strategy does not work out more expensive for you.

If you really want to work with different real estate agents, representing properties directly, you can compare their responsiveness, professional skills and their different points of view.

However, for their comfort, international buyers often choose to work with an adviser who speaks their own language.




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