Roquebrune Cap Martin

Roquebrune-Cap-Martin – a dream holiday place close to Monaco

Roquebrune-Cap-Martin is a French town bordering Monaco. Like Eze, it spreads out at several levels above the seaside: you have the properties close to the sea in the area called Cap Martin, and an old village called Roquebrune. In French, Roquebrune means brown rock.

Less than 5-10 minutes drive from both Menton and Monaco, Roquebrune Cap Martin  hosts, like many other resort towns on the Côte d’Azur, a lot of holiday apartments for vacations in the sun.

Unlike very urban Monaco and Beausoleil, Roquebrune-Cap-Martin is associated with parks, peace and serenity. It is a dream holiday place close to Monaco, where you can find the most luxurious and expensive properties on the French Riviera.

About the city

Roquebrune-Cap-Martin –  a dream holiday place close to Monaco


Different districts of Roquebrune-Cap-Martin

The town is made up of several main parts:

1. The medieval town on the hills with the only castle in France that has survived until our days from the era of the Carolingeans. It is interesting to take a walk along the narrow streets of the old town and enjoy the views of Cap Martin from the top.

2. Saint-Roman borders Monaco and the tennis courts of the Monte Carlo Country Club. This part of the town is interesting because of its proximity to the seaside and the beaches for those who are looking for property in Roquebrune close to Monaco.

3. Carnolès is where most of the population lives, and where the schools are. This area is in high demand with both locals and foreigners – historically predominantly Italians.

Why is Carnolès so attractive?

  • It is within walking distance of the sea and the beaches – it is a lower part of the town between Cap Martin and Menton.
  • Within walking distance of Menton and Cap Martin.
  • A quieter place compared to the centre of Menton, which is full of tourists

Finding an apartment to buy in Carnolès for summer holidays is not easy. This area with all its  amenities within walking distance offers a great quality of life, and is popular with both locals and foreigners.

If you are looking to buy property in the Carnolès part of Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, it is important to bear in mind that there are more 1-bedrooom apartments available here than larger ones with 3 or 4 bedrooms.

On the other hand, if you prefer newly- built property, you will be able to find apartments in newly-built residencies next to the sea or in projects which are. under construction  

4. Cap Martin headland, the most beautiful and expensive part of the town where the most luxurious properties are historically located. Cap Martin is the best place for lovers of Monaco.

Buying property on Cap Martin

Perhaps you have heard less about Cap Martin than about Cap Ferrat or Cap d’Antibes, but the most expensive deals take place here.

The Grand Hotel du Cap Martin is one of the residencies that stands out. This palace hotel was converted into apartments, and enjoys its own park, swimming pool, tennis courts and private access to a rocky beach.

Purchasing an apartment with a terrace and a sea view on Cap Martin in the Grand Hotel du Cap Martin is very prestigious because of the uniqueness of this place, and also of the beauty of the architecture.

The residency spreads across the very tip of the headland, and this is where the beautiful walks along the seaside start.
You can take a walk to Monaco from Cap Martin.

Next to the hotel you will find the most luxurious villas on Cap Martin in the gated estate called Cap Martin Domaine.
Buying a villa on Cap Martin is valued not only because of the beauty of the cape, but also because of its proximity to Monaco.

Buyers can also appreciate panoramic views of the sea and of Monaco from the terrace of their villa in Cap Martin.

Those who are looking for an apartment on Cap Martin will be interested in a place called Plateau du Cap within walking distance of the Grand Hotel du Cap Martin.

Overall, comparing the nearest capes of the French Riviera (Cap Martin, Cap Ferrat and Cap d’Ail), you have the greatest chance of finding an  apartment on Cap Martin.


Property in the city Roquebrune Cap Martin