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Playlist: recommendations for the buyer

From the beginning you need to think about why you want to buy a property on the French Riviera: rental investment, long-term investment, or simply a family holiday home. 
Then it will be easier for a real estate agent to recommend a property and an area, and for the notary to recommend an optimal way of buying for you.

Please bear in mind: even if you don't plan to resell your property in the near future, it's better to be ready for this option.

So, my advice to you is the following :

  • it's better to invest in a modest cottage in a prestigious location than in a castle amongst more modest housing.
  • If renovating a property, try to think about a more neutral and less eccentric style or design, which will be easier to resell. 
  • If you really enjoy the latest fashions in design and renovation, and you plan to spend a lot of money on your interiors, don't expect to get back the full amount of your property investment. Before you commence any works, it’s worth discussing with your agent the potential re-sale price, after the property is renovated.

My mission is to secure your investment in French Riviera properties and help you successfully resell them.


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