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To non-lovers of Nice

Why some clients don't like Nice?

. When buying real estate on the French Riviera, some people who are concentrated around Monaco tend to exclude Nice from their search. Their main argument is that Nice is a large city with a mixed population, some areas of deprivation with higher crime rates.

Of course in Nice, as in Paris, it is important to choose the right kind of district to live in. However, Nice is not the same as Marseille. Overall, the atmosphere here is relaxed and safe if you follow basic safety rules, as in any larger city.

If you purchase real estate in prestigious districts of Nice, like  Mont Bron or Cimiez, it should be just as safe as buying property in Monaco. The price of real estate here defines the neighbourhood, the quality of local shops and local schools. 
It’s worth noting, that apart from well known the Gold Square and  the Promenade des Anglais there are other  prestigious and attractive areas of Nice offering a very good quality of life. 

For example, it is not a coincidence that Cimiez is a home for the most prestigious elite school Stanislas, the Conservatory, the Jewish school etc. Even the local supermarket Monoprix in Cimiez is above average quality.

If you prefer smaller towns and would prefer not to live in a city, then why not look at wonderful places like Beaulieu or Cap d’Ail for example.

However, for the same price you will get a more interesting property  in Nice, as there is more choice in a larger city.

Mont Boron – a prestigious place between Villefranche and Nice

Some of our clients are looking for a house or an apartment between Nice and Monaco ( Villefranche sur mer, Beaulieu sur mer, St Jean Cap Ferrat, Cap d'Ail) and they sometimes struggle to find a suitable option.

We often advise them to look carefully at areas in Nice closer to Villefranche, like Mont Boron and Cap de Nice

This district is situated behind Nice on the road to Villefranche. Lower Mont Boron between Cap de Nice and Villefranche is a prestigious and expensive area. It lies closer to Villefranche than Nice and offers beautiful panoramic views of the sea and Cap Ferrat. 

The clientele who buy property here are the same people who are looking at the Golden Triangle: Cap Ferrat, Beaulieu and Villefranche. 

This district is part of Nice only by postcode, but the atmosphere and the prices  are closer to the Golden Triangle.



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