St Jean Cap Ferrat – the crème de la crème


Saint Jean Cap Ferrat, or Cap Ferrat for short is the pearl of the French Riviera and  one of the most expensive places in the world.

So why does Cap Ferrat attract wealthy people?

First of all, it’s an incredibly beautiful place with Mediterranean pine trees and picturesque bays.

Simplicity and wildness, luxury and comfort come together in Cap Ferrat and attract property buyers in search of their own piece of paradise, just 30 minutes from the airport and Monaco.



Buying property  in Cap Ferrat

Cap Ferrat real estate is primarily associated with luxury villas.

However, there are also more modest houses and apartments or residences.

Cap Ferrat is like a private members’ club and you can expect to pay at least 2 million Euros for admission, even for a modest property. That's the price of a very simple house or a nice 3-bedroom flat in Cap Ferrat with a  sea view.

Otherwise you can enjoy your holiday in Cap Ferrat as a tenant.

Renting a Cap Ferrat villa in the summer months, depending on what is on offer, varies between 30.000 and 300.000 euros per month.


Different areas of Cap Ferrat

1.    The first part of Cap Ferrat 

Buyers of properties located on the approach to Cap Ferrat appreciate its proximity to the infrastructure of Beaulieu sur mer and also to its many amenities. From here you can easily walk to the neighbouring towns of Beaulieu and Villefranche.

There are several flat residences in this part of the cape, which is a rarity in Cap Ferrat. Here you can buy a flat with a sea view looking either towards Beaulieu, or towards Nice and Villefranche.

If you are looking for a newly-built residence, there are some close to the village of Cap Ferrat.

The closest private beach as  you arrive on Cap Ferrat is the sandy beach in Beaulieu sur Mer close to the Hotel Royal-Riviera. From there, you can take a lovely stroll along the eastern side of Cap Ferrat ( Promenade Maurice Rouvier), which takes you to the centre of Cap Ferrat village and the port.

You can also enjoy the western side of Cap Ferrat with its fashionable Passable or more discreet Grasseuil beaches.

The closest public beach in the first part of Cap Ferrat is Grasseuil beach on the west side. It is inaccessible from the road and there are no signs. It’s only the locals who know about it. The beach is ideal for sunsets and evening swimming.

The approach to Cap Ferrat is the narrowest point of the cape where you can easily cross from the eastern to the western side, and vice versa.

This is very practical in case of strong winds: if it’s windy on one side, you simply cross to the other. It is also handy when you have jellyfish on the beach because if you have them on the eastern side, you will definitely not have them on the western side.


Passable beach

The western side of Cap Ferrat is particularly popular with people looking for property in Cap Ferrat.
The evening sun, the panoramic sea views, the wild scenery and its proximity to the well known Passable beach, are all highly valued by luxury property buyers .

Passable beach, close to the famous Villa Rothschild-Efrussy, is really where things come alive. It’s an iconic spot on the western tip of Cap Ferrat for meeting friends, relaxing, dining and celebrating children's birthdays.

Although it is not a sandy beach (fine pebbles), it is well-known and loved. There is both private and public beach here, and a restaurant with excellent service. A taxi boat is available to pick you up and take you to your boat, or anywhere else you wish.

The atmosphere on the beach is relaxed and comfortable, there’s no excessive noise, loud music, a perfect place for families to unwind.

From the beach you start out on a path that runs along the west coast of Cap Ferrat, the so-called "customs house trail", which winds around the entire Cape. A stroll along the rocky coastline, away from people and roads, just you and the wildlife, is a great boost to your spirits!

Properties on the west side of Cap Ferrat consist mainly of luxury villas.

 Near Passable beach there is one apartment seafront residence with a private beach.


Grand Hotel Cap Ferrat

In the heart of Cap Ferrat the Grand Hotel du Cap Ferrat is one of the most luxurious hotels on the French Riviera.

The further you go onto the peninsula, and the wilder nature becomes, the more luxurious and private the properties begin to feel here.

For lovers of real privacy and pristine nature it’s the most perfect location.

You can also luxuriate in the 5 star service at the Grand Hotel du Cap Ferrat, with their restaurant, private swimming pool, tennis courts and spa.

The most wild and picturesque walks start here from the lighthouse. It feels like the end of the earth, just you and the Universe. You can empty your mind and forget who you are.

For me, the exclusiveness of Cap Ferrat consists in this illusion of being far away from the world, whilst in reality just a few kilometres from civilisation; this harmonious blend of luxury and simplicity, the spirit of a fisherman’s village combined with luxurious real estate.

Paloma Beach

Paloma  beach and the St Hospice area are another prestigious location in Cap Ferrat for luxury homes.

Paloma beach, one of the most beautiful beaches on the French Riviera, is located on the eastern side and is perfect for a morning swim.

Paloma beach is known for the emerald colours of the bay and its seaside walks around St Hospice.

You are far away, with the rocks and the sea, yet close to the village at the same time.


The Village

The village is the centre of St Jean, where you can find its social life, the town hall, the school, the supermarket, shops and restaurants.

The former fisherman’s village with its small church, harbour and the fishermen selling their produce on the quayside, is simple and unpretentious.

This area is mostly a place where local people live and work. So here you will find companies specialising in fields such as plumbing, air conditioning, electricity, architecture, and real estate.

No railway was ever built in St Jean as it was in Villefranche or Beaulieu in the 19th century, leaving its natural beauty intact, and its wild charm to seduce every visitor and influence its record property prices.


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