Cap Ferrat Beaches

Cap Ferrat Beaches

In my opinion, the beaches of Cap Ferrat are the most attractive on the French Riviera.

There are many different ones. It is possible to choose the most comfortable one depending on the time of the day, the position of the sun, and the direction of the wind. Also, there are private and public ones, with or without service, each with its own atmosphere.

The most famous beaches of Cap Ferrat:

Paloma Beach – situated on the eastern side of Cap Ferrat, behind the village in a cosy picturesque bay with emerald water. It is located within a walking distance from the restaurants of Cap Ferrat and from the path along the sea around the headland Saint Hospice.

Plage Passable – is on the western side of Cap Ferrat. You will see its sign post next the Rothchild villa. As with Paloma beach, there is a private beach with sun beds and a restaurant; and a public one. The beach is located in a beautiful bay, but the view across is not as picturesque as Paloma’s.

Plage Passabble has a rather large car park, so it is easier to find a parking space.

You can go for a lovely walk along the sea from here as well – towards the Grand Hotel Cap Ferrat.

Another worthy private beach can be found opposite Hotel Royal Riviera, at the beginning of Cap Ferrat next to Beaulieu. Families with children will like it here – it is covered with sand and not stones.

Plage des Fosses is at the most southern point behind the village close to Paloma beach. The water has an amazing colour, and you can enjoy the sun all day long. There is no car park, so it will be difficult to find a spot for your car in summer.

For an evening swim I recommend a small public beach on the Western side, just at the beginning of Cap Ferrat – Grasseuil. It is difficult to spot, only locals know about it, so there are no tourists here. During the summer, it is possible to enjoy the setting sun on this beach until about 10 pm.

On the Eastern Side of Cap Ferrat, next to the village and the yacht club you can find a public beach Plage Cros dei Pins.  It is convenient if your children take classes in the yacht club, and you would like to stay close to the centre. There is a magnificent walk from the village of Cap Ferrat towards Beaulieu – Promenade Maurice Rouvier.

There are many wild and secret places on Cap Ferrat where you can take a swim away from the crowds of tourists and be alone with the sea. It is however up to you to find them.