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Which areas are known as the centre of Nice?


Центр Ниццы


The centre of Nice refers to areas that are within walking distance of the historic centre and the Promenade des Anglais.

The centre of Nice is not all the same by any means: there are fashionable, prestigious districts, and there are streets closer to the railway station, which are less attractive. 

The character of shops, restaurants, people passing by, and by paying attention to detail - all these will help you to understand very quickly how prestigious a location this is.

Carré d'Or and The district of Musicians are  the most prestigious areas in the centre of Nice

The Carré d’Or or  ‘Golden Square’

The area  bordered  by the Promenade des Anglais to the south, Boulevard Victor Hugo to the north, Hotel Negresco to the west, and Place Massena to the east, is called the Golden Square or the Carré d’Or.

This is the heart of the city with the best hotels, restaurants and shopping.  Everything is within walking distance, you do not need a car, especially as the centre of Nice is comfortable for cycling.

Buy a flat in the Carré d’Or

Property in Nice's ‘Carré d’Or’ is always in demand for holiday homes for international clients. Property buyers in the Carré d’Or want to come to their flat at any time of the year, and have all the pleasures of life within walking distance: the sea, restaurants, shops, theatres, the historic centre.

Of course like any other area of the city, the Carré d’Or has its pros and cons.

If you want to buy a flat in the Carré d’Or area of Nice, you have to understand that it is difficult to find the following:

1.           Flats with a sea view, if it is not the sea-front.

2.           A peaceful flat overlooking a park.

3.           A flat with its own garden.

4.           A flat in a period property with a large terrace or underground parking.

5.           A flat in a newly-built  development.

7.           A villa with a garden.

The main motivation for a buyer of real estate in the Carré d’Or is the central and prestigious location of the apartment. If you value peace and quiet, parkland and panoramic views, we would advise you to look at other areas of Nice.

Investing in the Carré d’Or area in Nice

Traditionally investors for seasonal rentals buy properties in the Carré d’Or, as it’s the most sought-after area for tourists.

If you wish to have some extra income and rent your apartment easily, it’s an ideal location.

You are also sure to resell your apartment easily in this ever popular area of Nice.

The average price for a small one or two bedroom flat in the Carré d’Or is 6-8 000€/sqm.


 The district of Musicians

The second most famous and sought-after area in the centre of Nice, is the Quartier des Musiciens.

The Musiciens neighbourhood is situated north of Boulevard Victor Hugo in the direction of Railway station.

It is therefore a little further from the sea (10 minutes walk) but also quieter, because all the restaurants and nightclubs are closer to the seafront.

The architectural beauty of the Musiciens area tends to attract lovers of French period architecture. Their beautiful façades with numerous decorative elements, the monumental entrances, old fashioned lifts and elegant oak letterboxes retain a special French charm.

Prices in the Musicians area are less expensive than in the Carré d’Or area of Nice, but it is also difficult to find a flat with a view of the sea or the park, or a terrace or garage  if it is an old ‘bourgeois’ style building. 

The average price of an 80-150 m² flat in the Musicians area is  6 000 €/sqm.


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